Digital Printer of the Year 2017
Your artwork printed by experienced staff on a wide range of beautiful papers. We offer a complete service including; scanning, giclée printing, canvas printing and stretching, mounting and framing. See how it works

How to use our Simple Order Form

Our Simple Order Form will cover orders for single prints or multiple prints using the same specifications.

This form includes the following fields to be filled in, some of which are optional.

  • Your contact details including full name, email address, phone number, company name (optional) and invoice address.
  • Order reference or purchase order number (optional).

Following the above details, you'll then need to fill in the following information;

  • If you would like a proof of your image(s) before having your order printed, if you do - we'll then ask you to select up to 4 different papers.

The next section is to send your images. This can be done in one of three ways;

  • You can upload your images to our Dropbox.
  • You can use your own Dropbox or file transfer service and paste the link into the field supplied.
  • Or you can upload your images to the form, the maximum size for uploads is 32MB.

After you've uploaded your images, you'll need to fill in the details about your print order. This includes;

  • Paper choice.
  • Image size and print quantities for each image uploaded, please use the filename of the image you've sent.
  • Cropping, we need to know what to do if your image does not size exactly to the dimensions you've requested. Can we crop the the image or not?

Paper Prints

You'll then need to decide on the border details;

  • You can either have a border around the printed image size
  • A border included within the final sheet size
  • Or no border at all - a full bleed print. If your image includes a border already, please select Final sheet size with no border (full bleed).

Canvas Prints

We'll need to know if you want the canvas print stretched over a frame (and what depth of frame) and what you would like on the sides of the canvas, the options are;

  • White sides, this is the unprinted, natural colour of the canvas on the sides of your frame.
  • Extended image, we'll enlarge the image so we have extra print to wrap around the sides of the frame. When choosing this option, you'll understand that some of your image will be lost from the front to the sides of the canvas.
  • Reflected image, we'll take a section of each edge of your image and reflect it to wrap around the sides. This means you will not loose any image from the front of your canvas and the sides will contain a similar print. This works well with landscape images, but not with images that contain people.
  • Flat colour, we'll print a flat colour on each of the sides of your canvas. Again, this means you will not loose any of the image from the front. This works well with simple images and abstract artwork.


If you've asked for paper prints, you'll then be able to select from our range of finishing options;

  • Back and cellophane wrap.
  • Mounted, where you'll then be asked for a mount colour and if you want a gap left between the printed image (space for signing the print) and the window mount.
  • Mounted and cellophane wrap. You'll be asked the same questions as above.
  • Mounted and framed. You'll be asked for the mount colour, frame moulding and if you want space between the mount and print and if you want the frame left open so you can access the print and sign it.
  • Framed only. You'll only need to choose the moulding type for this option as there's no window mount - you will also be asked if you want the frame left open so you can access the print and sign it.


If you would like a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your order, we will need the following details to fill in the certificate(s) for you.

  • Artwork title
  • Artist name
  • Original medium
  • Copyright date (year the original was produced)

Delivery and Express Order

  • Optional address for delivery, to be used if you want your order sent to your work address for example, or if you want us to dropship your order to a customer.
  • A required date for your order, if you select a date that's not possible, we will notify you by email and let you know what date we can have your order completed by.

You can also supply the voucher code you received in your Sample Pack to receive a £5.00 discount.

On each order form, there's a field for any additional information you feel we'll need when completing your order. Our service is bespoke and can be tailored to your specific needs, contact us if you're unsure of anything.